Musical Inspiration

I listen to these three songs when I'm brainstorming plot elements and/or developing characters in Fanzam. Not only do I value these songs instrumentally, but they also inspire me lyrically.

#3: Say [All I Need] by OneRepublic
As a writer the most significant part of Say [All I Need] starts at 2:55. Do you think you can find it? Everyone wants something, literally or figuratively. However, recognizing wants versus what you really need can be challenging, both in real life as well as fiction. This song reminds me of these subtle differences while I'm writing, and I often ask myself what my characters want (aka: personal goals or desires) versus what they truly need to be happy and/or satisfied. Sometimes our wants and needs align, and sometimes they're polar opposites. When a character's wants and needs don't match up, this can result in astounding character growth, assuming they eventually recognize the discrepancy.

#2: Rush Together by Quietdrive
The inspiration and brainstorming begins at 1:28. Rush together to find each other. Many of my characters have gone to great lengths to search for people they care about, both protagonists and antagonists. When you've spent months or years searching for someone, what becomes of the day to day journey? Together playing the same instrument that you still can't hear at all. These characters, though perhaps oblivious, are taking the same journey, and miss the nuances of the here and now. Can we turn this clock back thirteen years and relate? Lyrically, this is significant to both Fanzam and his best friend Zeeth, as well as Fanzam and the antagonist Jax Vinstar. Thirteen years is a long time when you're young. Are you listening at all?

#1: Pieces by Red
This is my go-to song for background music while I write and for inspiration. I've listened to 3:55 on about a thousand times, and the full song approximately five hundred times according to my itunes. It's white noise when I'm writing, but a valuable tool when I'm brainstorming. After 3:55 the song picks up, and I can visualize any scenes in my books. I tried so hard. Especially scenes I haven't written yet. I'll find everything I thought I lost before. If you see me walking around with headphones on, there's a 90% chance I'm listening to this song, visualizing scenes.